Explorations of Perception

RR brings together theoretical and perception-based experiments that challenge conditioned ways of seeing. RR is interested in projects that re-evaluate anthropocentric habits of thinking and looking; projects that open dialogues between Western and non-Western traditions of image-making and ways of seeing; projects that critically explore the production of technical images; and projects that foster transhistorical and non-linear (visual) narratives.

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Unfolded (Branch)Spiros Hadjidjanos2019

Unfolded (Branch), Spiros Hadjidjanos, 2019

Spiros Hadjidjanos


This work starts from a 3D-scan of a sculptural object, which is then ‘unfolded’ digitally. This leads to a new series of digital images which are then sent to a laser cutter, creating a new ‘unfolded’ version of the original sculptural object.

EntropyTerike Haapoja2004

Entropy, Terike Haapoja, 2004

Terike Haapoja


The video installation Entropy shows in life size the cooling down of a horse’s body after its death, recorded with an infrared camera. The original recording of 9 hours has been edited to a 25 minutes loop.

RadianceMustapha Azeroual2019

Radiance, Mustapha Azeroual, 2019

Mustapha Azeroual


Radiance is a work on the recording of colour in photography, based on the assumption that the photographer has only a limited control over the colours he records and reproduces photographically due to the very nature of the medium.

Echo#1Mustapha Azeroul2015

Echo#1, Mustapha Azeroul, 2015

Mustapha Azeroual


The Echo series is a continuation of the ELLIOS project conducted in partnership with LESIA (Pôle d’Observation du soleil de l’Observatoire de Paris-Meudon) on a photographic study of the sun.

Echo/ Corps Noir #1Mustapha Azeroual2017

Echo/ Corps Noir #1, Mustapha Azeroual, 2017

Mustapha Azeroual


Through this work, Mustapha Azeroual tends to materialize the light, condition of the visible, paradoxically invisible.

The Radiance of Sensible HeatSema Bekirovic2016

The Radiance of Sensible Heat, Sema Bekirovic, 2016

Sema Bekirovic


Filmed with a thermal camera we see a hand touching objects in the plaster sculpture depot of the Rijksakademie in Amsterdam. Focusing on the transference of body heat from hands to objects, bringing them into focus as they light up with the heat.

Unfixed GalaxiesSema Bekirovic2018

Unfixed Galaxies, Sema Bekirovic, 2018

Sema Bekirovic


Unfixed analogue photographic prints (80×60cm), framed behind red glass. A photogram is developed but purposely left unfixed, so the print remains sensitive to light.

While weaving a Liar’s cloth (contact prints)Gwenneth Boelens2017

While weaving a Liar’s cloth (contact prints), Gwenneth Boelens, 2017

Gwenneth Boelens


While reading on the history of textiles, the artist came across a small reproduction of a ‘liar’s cloth’ from the late 19th century made by the Ashanti (Ashanti Empire 1701–1957, present-day southern Ghana).

Glued EyePeter Bogers2020

Glued Eye, Peter Bogers, 2020

Peter Bogers


The installation Glued Eye consists of two black and white video images, one video projector and two thin (2 mm) illuminated fibre lines. A large projection shows images of moving objects or people that are fixed in one place on the wall by means of a sophisticated tracking technique.

Phantom PowerYoichi Kamimura2019

Phantom Power, Yoichi Kamimura, 2019

Yoichi Kamimura


In 'Phantom Power' various types of glass containing water stand together on top of a metal plate. The water is ice collected by Kamimura from drift ice when he was making field recordings of it in the Sea of Okhotsk from February to March 2019, and which has been artificially melted.

Core 7, digital animationNicolas Sassoon & Rick Silva2019

Core 7, digital animation, Nicolas Sassoon & Rick Silva, 2019

Nicolas Sassoon & Rick Silva


CORES is a collaborative project initiated in 2019 by artists Nicolas Sassoon (Vancouver, BC) and Rick Silva (Eugene, OR) focusing on 3D renderings of altered geological specimens. 


Hiryczuk / Van Oevelen Elodie Hiryczuk Sjoerd van Oevelen


The photographic work Gaze Multiple – Hawthorn (2021) comprises five vertical panels presented parallel to each other in a composition inspired by East Asian folding screens.

Frank Bloem


The Embassy of the North Sea commissioned fragrance designer Frank Bloem to collect 40 scents from and around the North Sea. 

The Reflection of the Man, video stillMartine Stig2021

The Reflection of the Man, video still, Martine Stig, 2021

Martine Stig


In "The Reflection of the Man" —a video essay—, I grapple the meaning of Human in a hybrid world. Deploying and reflecting on ubiquitous technologies like face recognition software, I explore the act of seeing, beyond the explorative and embodied act.

As slow as possible and that much shortMurat Yildiz2020

As slow as possible and that much short, Murat Yildiz, 2020

Murat Yildiz


In the process of ‘Non-eye centric’ drawings I put myself in a passive state by closing my eyes. I close my eyes because I want to get away from the dominance of my eyesight and let other eyes join and make decisions.