Non-eye Centric Drawings

[person_by] Murat Yildiz

July 2021

Beings constantly influence and shape each other. An action takes its direction under the influence of other beings without its creator realizing it. People are inevitability interconnected to each other. As a result we constantly make suggestions and guide each other because others' actions always affect our lives as well as theirs. The outcomes become a memory of a collective structuring. Even though we act individually, we are thinking collectively. I think painting is also an individual act but a collective creation. In the process of ‘Non-eye centric’ drawings I put myself in a passive state by closing my eyes. I close my eyes because I want to get away from the dominance of my eyesight and let other eyes join and make decisions. Instead of seeing what I make, I listen to people's guidance and suggestions to draw. I’m intensifying the already existing interconnected relationship in any given action. While I make the drawings blindfolded I take all the suggestions to underline the forming effects of people in order to discover the shaping relationships and reveal their creative potential as a medium.

Murat Yildiz
Murat Yildiz is an artist living and working in Istanbul and the founder of Dream News and the co-founder of HAH Kolektif based Istanbul. (1984, Giresun/Turkey)


Part of Program

Radiance of Sensible HeatSema Bekirovic2016

Radiance of Sensible Heat, Sema Bekirovic, 2016

Radical Reversibility

16 September 2021 - 3 October 2021

Looiersgracht 60, Amsterdam (Wed-Sun 12-8PM)

The exhibition From Seeing to Acting invites us to (re)consider the mutual relationships between seeing and acting. 

Murat Yildiz

16 September 2021 - 24 September 2021

Looiersgracht 60 (Wed-Sun 12-6PM)

Non-Eye Centric Drawings - performative part. Artist Murat Yildiz will draw live in the exhibition space.