Light Field 104

[person_by] Taisuke Koyama

November 2019

This series is a work documenting the input light sources of handheld scanner and flatbed scanner. The crumpled iridescent cellophane is inserted between the two lights to visualize the information of light itself. A unique color appears that can only be created by the scanner's light reflected on iridescent cellophane. In the first version of this series, the artist used the crumpled transparent cellophane between the two scanner's lights. In this work, Koyama explored possibility to update the history of abstract photography whose major motif of the physical objects and phenomena has changed to be the light in this digital device era.

Taisuke Koyama
Taisuke Koyama (b. 1978, Japan) approaches the medium of photography inline with his studies in Biology and Environmental Sciences. He investigatesthe relationship between organic processes and phenomena, and the man-made objects that facilitate their visual capture.