To See How the Moon Sees

[person_by] Juuso Noronkoski

January 2020

Juuso Noronkoski (1983, FI) makes mixed-media installations in which he combines photography, video, sculpture, and text. He experiments with expanding the flatness of photography into the plasticity of a sculptural object or installation. Fascinated by interspaces between images, objects, and texts, Noronkoski combines individual means of expression with different temporal and material qualities and brings them together into a conversational space. By showing objects together with photographic images, the artist bridges the gap between here and there and now and then. Photographs function not only as windows to another time and place, but also as mirrors reflecting actuality. Through this visual mindset we are made receptive to imagine a reversed gaze, one that looks from object to subject. In To See How the Moon Sees, a lyrical description of a photograph of the Earth taken from the moon unleashes a stream of magic recollections of how it used to be the reverse. If Noronkoski’s artistic practice would provoke only one question, this would be: Where is an image situated? Noronkoski’s images seem to float between the actual and the imaginary, between the known and unknown, and between the seen and unseen.

Juuso Noronkoski
Juuso Noronkoski (1983, FI) works with mixed-media installations combining photographs, video, sculpture and text. His installations focus on the demarcation between images, objects and written language


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