Research Through Images

The RR platform is interested in the interplay between image, gaze and perception and proposes to examine acts of seeing from multiple angles: artistic, philosophical, non-anthropocentric and scientific. As a working method RR explores the possibilities of what we call ‘Research through Images’, a mode of visual thinking and image-making that is speculative, essayistic and experimental. RR seeks to find out how ‘Research through Images’ can be made productive as a specific form of knowledge within artistic and other modes of research. RR aims to bring together research projects in public events, exhibitions and (online) publications.
Working analogue to create a digital platform.




Thought photographTed Serios1967

Thought photograph, Ted Serios, 1967

Frank van der Stok

In this Post-Truth era, almost every photograph seems to be speculative by nature.

still from Art for Machine (artist talk)Martine Stig2020

still from Art for Machine (artist talk), Martine Stig, 2020

Martine Stig


In this research I focus on the changes the photographic image has undergone in the transition from analog to digital. In fact, the photographic image has become bilingual; it is both image and data and can be read by man and machine.

JunipersHiryczuk / Van Oevelen2017

Junipers, Hiryczuk / Van Oevelen, 2017

Hiryczuk / Van Oevelen Elodie Hiryczuk Sjoerd van Oevelen

The project ‘Towards a Gaze Multiple’ is currently conducted by artists and PhD candidates Elodie Hiryczuk and Sjoerd van Oevelen at LUCAS Centre for the Arts in Society at Leiden University.  …  

Profiles #4Martine Stig2018

Profiles #4, Martine Stig, 2018

Martine Stig

Technological progress extends our senses and turns our x-y-z world into a 360˚ space. Since we can virtually look from every high vantage point -with the help of drones and satellites- linear perspective and monocular rendition start to lose their universal self-evidence.

Getty Images / Ken Murray1993

Getty Images / Ken Murray, 1993

Frank van der Stok

Radical Metamorphoses aims at creating unseen and unprecedented insights that may follow from the sequencing of two (or more) images, in which transformations took place overtime.  

UntitledShoji Ueda1940

Untitled, Shoji Ueda, 1940

Hiryczuk / Van Oevelen Sjoerd van Oevelen Elodie Hiryczuk

The Detached Gaze presents a collection of sources on visual perception and alternative ways of representing space within the realm of photography and painting.

Wikimedia CommonsPhotographer unknown1914

Wikimedia Commons, Photographer unknown, 1914

Frank van der Stok

Kill our Icons pleas for a rethinking of the iconic photos that are part of our collective memory. Kill our Icons proposes alternative images without apparent iconic value which indirectly tell more pregnant stories than the types of images calling for linear cause-and-effect explanation.