Shoji Ueda, Untitled (1940)

Martine Stig, Profile #1, Project Vertigo (2017)

El Lissitzky, Proun P23 No. 6 (1919)

Stephan Keppel, Oyster, RR Edition (2017)

RR field of research

Mars Curiosity selfie (2012)

Abraham Bosse (1492)

Hiryczuk/ Van Oevelen, Junipers, Shadow-Light-Reflection Series (2017)

Martine Stig, Planar, Project Vertigo (2016)

Hiryczuk/ Van Oevelen, Wild Camellia, RR Edition (2017)


As a cooperative RR wishes to present itself as an enquiring, dynamic and organic initiative. RR provides this digital platform with the aim of facilitating the exchange and the dissemination of ‘research through images’. Taking the image as a point of departure this collective research, either textual or visual, will soon be made public in this section.

RR’s ambition is to commission guests to produce artworks in special edition and publish writings. The concept behind this is to match makers and thinkers from different backgrounds and disciplines sharing a common interest within the RR field of research. One part of this section will be dedicated to these contributions.

In the near future, we will also focus on what 'research through images' could be. Thinking beyond tradition we want to find out how ‘images as research’ and ‘speculative knowledge’ can be made productive for the current discourses within artistic and scientific research.

RR is open to – and encourages – unsollicitated submissions. RR will review submissions from the visual arts as well as all fields and disciplines in which thinking about the role of images as a form of knowledge may be relevant. RR invites authors to combine text, image and film. Submissions are accepted in English only.

On a later term RR will provide detailed submission requirements.
For any info, please write to info@radicalreversibility.org.

RR field of research: Intercultural, Transhistorical, Non-anthropocentric