Bram Roza

Bram Roza is a graphic designer, UFO researcher, and filmmaker. He founded the UFO meldpunt (UFO reporting platform) and directs the documentary De UFO's van Soesterberg, about UFO sightings in 1979 at the military air base Soesterberg. 

Bram Roza is a graphic designer, UFO researcher and filmmaker.



Program with Bram Roza

Bram Roza Frank van der Stok Taco Hidde Bakker Doina Kraal Roger Cremers

20 August 2022 7:30 pm

Looiersgracht 60, Amsterdam

Film screening of The Phenomenon (James Fox, 2020) with an introduction by UFO-researcher Bram Roza about the film and his own documentary-in-progress, De UFO’s van Soesterberg.