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Radical Reversibility (RR) is a practice and research-based arts platform interested in the interplay between image, gaze and perception. RR functions as a network and a laboratory for practice and theory where artists, writers, curators and academics seek to contextualize their own work within new practices and engage in discourses in and beyond the arts.

As a working method RR explores the possibilities of what we call ‘Research through Images’, a mode of visual thinking and image-making that is speculative, essayistic, and experimental. RR seeks to find out how ‘Research through Images’ can be made productive as a specific form of knowledge within artistic and other modes of scientific research.

RR brings together research and art projects in public events, exhibitions and (online) publications.

RR is open for submissions of projects that take the idea of ‘Research through Images’ as a point of departure. Please send us a single document (pdf format) including a project description (max. 1 A4 recto, no images), a portfolio (images/ installation views/ video stills – max. 5 pages recto; if video or audio please include links to online platforms such as Vimeo) and a CV (max. 3 pages recto, no images). Only submissions in English will be reviewed.


RR is a non-profit organisation founded in 2017 by artists Martine Stig, Elodie Hiryczuk and Sjoerd van Oevelen, and art historian Frank van der Stok. Started as a cooperative, we changed our status into a foundation. In 2020 we extended our core team with curator and writer Taco Hidde Bakker and image editor Isabelle van Hemert.

Chair: Martine Stig, Secretary: Taco Hidde Bakker, Treasurer: Elodie Hiryczuk 



RR shares its work through curated (group) exhibitions, online and print publications, symposia and other events.

The renewed online presence will comprise a digital platform that takes our motto ‘Research Through Images’ as a starting point. The platform will present a changing constellation of art works, sketches, research images and impressions of projects-in-progress. The platform will also act as a portal to RR’s collaborations, collections, exhibitions and research. Encompassing archive as well as digital art space it will be a place for exploration, discovery and exchange. Not least, it will offer extra options for future collaborations, new research avenues (or promising side-streets) and educational projects.

The team members are available for lectures & workshops, masterclasses, publications, etc


On a regular basis – RR commissions an artist to create a new work. These artworks are available as special edition prints on this platform. 

RR will also regularly issue a special edition of a pre-existing work by a non-contemporary artist. Like the other artworks we will propose such an historical work to a specific author to use as a starting point for a new essay.

For the occasion of Unseen Amsterdam CO-OP (2017) a total of four special editions have been issued by RR co-founders Hiryczuk/ Van Oevelen and Martine Stig, plus an edition by our first guest artist Stephan Keppel. The fourth edition is by El Lissitzky (1890-1941) and consists of a multiple exposure image titled In the Studio (1923).


Radical Reversibility
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Radical Reversibility is a non-for-profit organisation and depends on funding and donation. We subscribe to the Governance Code Culture, Code of Cultural Diversity and Inclusiveness and Fair Practice Code.