El Lissitzky, In the Studio (1923)


Radical Reversibility (RR) is an artist-run initiative interested in the interplay between the visual arts and perception. RR wishes to examine the role of perspective in imagery from multiple angles: artistic, philosophical, non-anthropocentric and scientific.
RR functions as a platform and a laboratory for practice and theory, where its members seek to contextualize their own work within other practices as well as discourses from within and beyond the arts. Although the photographic image—the most obvious and ubiquitous type of image today—forms often the starting point of RR’s projects, although it usually is being embedded within the wider scope of the (visual) arts and societal, scientific and ecological topics.
RR plans to further explore the possibilities of what it calls ‘research through images’, as a mode of (visual) thinking that is speculative, essayistic, and experimental.
RR shares its work through curated (group) exhibitions, online and print publications, symposia and other events.

The Radical Reversibility foundation was founded in 2017 in Amsterdam by Martine Stig (visual artist, teacher), Frank van der Stok (curator, editor, guest-teacher), and Elodie Hiryczuk & Sjoerd van Oevelen (visual artists, teachers, PhD researchers). Since 2019 the core group has expanded with Taco Hidde Bakker (writer, teacher, curator) and Isabelle van Hemert (image editor, visual artist). In 2017 RR presented works at the CO-OP at Unseen in Amsterdam by Stig, Hiryczuk/Van Oevelen, Stephan Keppel & Hans Gremmen, and a transhistorical contribution by El Lissitzky. In 2018 RR curated the group exhibition Seeing Without a Seer, in collaboration with the art space Looiersgracht 60 in Amsterdam, including art works explicitly or implicitly challenging the central position of the viewer in linear perspective. From 16 September through 3 October 2021 RR and Looiersgracht 60 show a sequel called From Seeing to Acting, where the emphasis will lie on artistic, philosophical, ecological, technological and non-anthropocentric modes of sensing and seeing in a hypermedial world.

Team members:

Martine Stig, visual artist (b. 1972) lives and works in Amsterdam. She studied photography at the Royal Academy of Fine Art (The Hague) and philosophy at the University of Amsterdam. She has a teaching position at the Master Institute of Visual Cultures (Den Bosch) Website: martinestig.com

Elodie Hiryczuk (b. 1977) and Sjoerd van Oevelen (b.1974) have been working as an artists duo since 2001. Both studied at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy (Amsterdam) and respectively the Sandberg Institute (Amsterdam) and the AA Architectural Association (London). In addition to making art, they write and publish essays on their blog The Detached Gaze. Hiryczuk and Van Oevelen are currently tutors Artistic Research at ArtEZ AKI Academy of Art and Design (Enschede). Website: hiryczukvanoevelen.com

Frank van der Stok (b. 1967) is a curator and an art historian. He studied art history at the University of Leiden where he majored in photography and lens-based arts. Apart from curating, Van der Stok is a frequent editor and producer of art books. He also works as an advisor, writer and intermediary for professional artists and institutions. Website: vdstok.com

Taco Hidde Bakker (b. 1978) is a writer, teacher, translator, and curator in the field of the arts, specializing in photography. He studied at two art schools before obtaining an MA in Photographic Studies at Leiden University (NL). He has contributed his writing to numerous artist’s books, catalogues, and magazines, including Camera Austria International (AT), Foam Magazine (NL), British Journal of Photography (GB), and TRIGGER (BE). Bakker is the author of the text collection The Photograph That Took the Place of a Mountain (Fw:Books, 2018). He teaches theory to Photography students at Utrecht University of the Arts (HKU).

Isabelle van Hemert (b. 1991) studied photography at the Royal Academy of Fine Art in The Hague. She currently works as an Image Editor at the independent journalism platform De Correspondent.

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